Have your dream birthday party in the heart of Toruń!

If you want to enter adulthood with pomp, choose Toronto's Solaris Hotel. Ballroom mood will provide you not only balloons. Many people spend a long time looking for a free date to spruce up their 18th. Birthday party at a venue in Torun. We have just such a place!
You can book a table for several people, whether for a family or a pack of friends. You can also rent a room for 20 or 30 guests. If you are planning a larger event, like a wedding, the hotel has rooms for up to 70 people. The staff will provide a truly "eighteenth-century" mood is due to birthday decorations, combined with lights and music. Speaking of lights: it will be just like at a disco, and speaking of music: the hits will be served by a DJ, singer, duo or larger band. The hall is equipped with a high-end sound system, so the birthday song will spread.
A professional kitchen staff will take care of satisfying hunger and drinks. As the jeweler wishes dishes of traditional Polish cuisine, his wish will be fulfilled.

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It doesn't matter if the eighteen-night party at the Solaris Hotel will last 2 hours, because it will only be the so-called "eighteen hours". invited dinner, whether it will be a lavish party until the morning, in a package with an overnight stay, the hotel staff will take care of every detail.


birthday party ideas?

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Intimate birthday meeting

Not everyone dreams of an "eighteen" party with pomp, but everyone wants their 18th. birthday was unusual, because it is, after all, the day when a child becomes an adult. This uniqueness will be taken care of by the Solaris Hotel in Torun. His offer includes an intimate gathering just held to celebrate the 18th. birthdays. You can confidently reserve a table for a couple or a dozen guests.

Crazy birthday party

If you want your guests to remember your 18. birthday for as long as they remember their eighteenth, the Solaris Hotel in Torun is up to the task. The hotel staff will organize an action codenamed "Crazy Party." It will host up to 70 people. He will invite you to your 18th. birthday of a well-known DJ, singer, duo or band. However, this will be no ordinary dance and unusual food for an unusual birthday. Among the attractions, for example, there may be thrill-inducing ones, such as laser shows and bartender shows. Guests at an eighteen-night party can party until dawn and then leave the premises, or they can still decide to stay the night.


Room for an eighteenth birthday party in Toruń

Each time, a whole staff of people coordinates the course of each birthday to make it special. No matter if it is to be an intimate meeting with snacks and beer, a crazy disco or a ball with live music and a delectable culinary feast, our team will comprehensively meet all expectations. From the experienced consultant who makes sure that the day is exactly as you dreamed it to be, to our Chef, cooks and pastry chefs who together take care of all the food served at each birthday party, to the waiters and bartenders who take care of the unique setting for this celebration.


Room for an eighteenth birthday party in Toruń

You will choose one of the packages that suits you best, or contact us and we will create a unique menu with you in mind. Prices start at 95 PLN / person. We are experienced in gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and kosher dishes. All you have to do is notify us of the need!

Menu I

Menu II

Menu III

Let's meet and discuss your birthday!

We know you are full of questions before this important day in your life. We will be happy to answer all of them! Call or email our consultants directly to set up an appointment. They are at your service 7 days a week (by appointment).

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