First Holy Communion in Toruń

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Do you want your First Communion party to be special? Are you looking for a venue that will meet your most fanciful expectations? You have hit the jackpot perfectly. The Solaris Hotel in Torun will easily meet all your requirements! Depending on how large your communion party will be, we have several rooms available. The first communion hall will be perfect for celebrations of up to 30 people. The others, on the other hand, will easily accommodate from 10 to 70 Guests.

Historic interiors, while stylish finishes and fashionable accessories, a quiet neighborhood in the vicinity of the Gothic market square of Torun will make this special day have the right setting and stature. Excellent cuisine offering a wide range of excellent dishes and friendly, professional service will make this special celebration, an unforgettable experience.


Venue for First Communion Reception

Each time, a whole staff of people coordinates the course of each reception after the reception of the sacrament of First Communion. From the experienced consultant who makes sure that the day is exactly as you dreamed it to our Chef, cooks and pastry chefs, who together take care of all the dishes served at each wedding, to the waiters and bartenders who take care of the unique setting of this celebration. We have 5 independent rooms which makes it possible for each party to be held in a separate room. This guarantees independence and provides a sense of intimacy. This allows you to experience this special time exclusively with your loved ones. We take an individual approach to each ceremony. There is a reason why many people refer to our venue as "the best communion venue in Torun", and sometimes they even say "the best communion venue in Torun".


Room for the First Communion
St. in Torun

You will choose one of the packages that suits you best, or contact us and we will create a unique menu with you in mind. Prices start at 95 PLN / person. We are experienced in gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and kosher dishes. All you have to do is notify us of the need!

Menu I

Menu II

Menu III

Let's meet and discuss your party

We know that you have a lot of questions before this important day in your life. We will be happy to answer all of them! Call or write directly to our consultants to set up an appointment. They are at your disposal 7 days a week (by appointment).

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